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October Newsletter: Hats & Fascinators

... and We're off it's Racing Season!

In this Newsletter we discuss some interesting tips 
on Race Wear Styling and Millinery Colour Trends

Fascinator available at Julles 
 Overseas suggest that there is a strong trend towards Hats this year instead of Fascinators.  
Fascinator available at Julles

However I personally favour the 'Hattinator'– a large bold Fascinator, which is a mixture of both the Hat and the Fascinator, plus there are some beauties out there this season!

What are the Major Trends in Millinery Design 
this Spring Racing season?

Trends in Millinery tend to follow Fashion Colours and this year is no exception, as there is a really strong Trend towards Black and White (which should please most Derby Day Customers) and bright colours – think Rainbow!  

Overseas there is a strong colour direction towards Sea Green but a lot of Australian Designers have picked up on Royal Blue, Melon or Burnt Orange Colours this year. The Colour of the Year is Emerald Green so this Season you will see a lot 'Green Shade Variations' at the Races.  Pastels Colours will always be a firm favourite, but this year they have become bolder, there will be an abundance of Hot Pinks, Canary Yellows, and Scarlet Reds but do not forget about our old favourite - 'The Black Classic'  that plain Black Hat or Fascinator which will always be in Vogue! Regardless of what colour you choose for the Melbourne Cup it should be really be colourful!

 Race Wear Guidelines

There are 3 things Ladies Should bear in Mind when Purchasing Millinery:

Consider the size of your Face when selecting Millinery. If you have a small face then purchase a small sized Hat or Fascinator.  Your Millinery should compliment your face not create a Lollipop Syndrome!


Decide what Colour Millinery you want? A tonal Hat/Fascinator will give your Outfit Elegance and Grace but for a Strong Impact Statement trying using a Vivid Contrast or Highlighting Colour (accessories make good Highlight Statements)

Fascinator available at Julles 
Personally I like to wear my Hats on a 'tilt' as it gives them personality!  


Please Ladies - Fascinators should be worn on the side of the head and should be positioned in line with the ear, but definitely should not sit on the top or back of the head! 

If you are wearing a brooch on your shoulder or an Asymmetrical off-the-shoulder Dress you should position your Fascinator on the opposite side otherwise you will look top heavy. (See photo)
Fascinator & Dress available at Julles 


What are the Golden Rules to remember when choosing accessories for the Races ?

Remember Ladies your Accessories can either complement or kill your Race Outfit. The old rule of thumb used to be: 
'Hat, Bag and Shoes should all Match' 
However these days just having two matching accessories is Ok. 

Your Bag should be a small clutch purse - yes I understand we all like to carry the kitchen sink in our Portmanteaux but Ladies this is Race day - think Elegance! Watch out for thick Handbag Straps too, as they can make your Outfit look ugly! 

Fashion is always full of contradictions and rules are made to be broken - the current Overseas Trend at the moment is for 'Extremely Oversized Clutches!' Mmm just make sure you are tall enough to carry a large bag...!


Shoes need to be high and not have a heavy appearance, strappy, sling back, or Peep Toe are very acceptable choices.  By wearing these types of shoes you elongate your legs and make them look sexy! 

Ladies unless you have troublesome feet or a mature aged women please do not wear Corporate High Heels, Flats, Boots or Wedges. As they tend to turn your outfit into Day Wear instead of Race Wear.

Jewellery can be tricky so be careful Ladies.  A simple Diamonte Solitaire Necklace or pearls can portray just the right look of Elegance on some Outfits especially if they are quite 'busy'.  However a large stunning necklace can really make or break your Outfit especially if your Dress is quite simple - just watch it doesn't overpower your Millinery.  

Bracelets should be worn on the opposite side to a Fascinator. Personally I am not a fan of long earrings on Race Day unless they compliment your head wear but it is a personal choice.  


Race Day is a fun excuse to get really dressed up and feel glamorous but there are a couple of tricks to know and the most important is:

Look in the mirror before you go out
and ask yourself:

1) Am I wearing the Fascinator on the right side?

2) Are my Accessories complimenting my outfit or taking over?
3) Do my Shoes look right with this outfit?
4) Check - does everything look 'Balanced or in Proportion?' 

I am always advising women to 'Balance' the length of their Clothing with their height. If you are short watch the length of your hemlines and don’t wear a long length jacket over a dress as it will make you look even shorter use a bolero or evening wrap as it will make you look taller.  


If you would like to know more details on Balancing Your Clothing for your Height then come along to our Design Workshops held in Melbourne Australia!